Nancy Magnusson
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Nancy Catherwood Magnusson

Nancy Magnusson (“NC”) and her spouse recently relocated to New Mexico, fulfilling her lifelong dream to live in the beauty of the sunny Southwest. Her passion for making pottery began forty years earlier while watching a hippie woman on her wheel under the sun in northern New Mexico. NC’s only regret is leaving the women of her kiln and the community of potters in New England who enriched her life and made her kiln possible. Her challenge now is to find low-fire glazes that she likes—it’s not as easy as you might think for a dyed-in-the-wool ash-and-flash woman. 


Magnusson's kiln and shed in winter.
So, I built one! With the help of a long-time friend and mentor from Taos, we designed and built a two-chamber kiln with thirty-five cubic feet of stacking space; the front chamber is a “mini-anagama” for ash and flash, the back chamber is a single-arch noborigama, designed to use with soda.