Photo taken by and courtesy of Ekaterina Izmestieva.
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Mark Goudy

Mark Goudy lives in Berkeley, California, and shares a home studio with his partner, Liza Riddle, who is also a ceramist. His educational background includes a bachelor of science in biology and a master's in electrical engineering.

He came to ceramics late in life, following varied careers – musician, chemistry lab technician, and twenty years as a digital chip design engineer in the computer graphics industry.

Mark's other passions are wilderness adventuring and international travel. He has journeyed to over sixty countries around the globe and finds the exposure to other cultures and environments to be mind-expanding and an unparalleled resource for new ideas.

Photo taken by and courtesy of Ekaterina Izmestieva.


Mark Goudy, Origami Object (#1267), slip-cast unglazed porcelain and soluble metal salts (gold).
"These tools have opened a new avenue for creative expression in my quest to explore the mysterious language of form. As with any making process, the tools we use influence our ideas and what we make." This month's FREE article.