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Lily Fein

Lily Fein makes coiled and pinched vessels. Her forms are continually morphing and changing, creating a visual language with curves and twists that speak about what it means to touch. Fein has lived in the Mojave Desert, dipped into many creek beds in the United States, and makes music in her band, The Glue. Her home base is Eastern Massachusetts. She can be followed on Instagram @lilyfein.


Shoko Teruyama. Flower Plate, 2017. Electric fired earthenware with sgraffito decoration. .5 x 9 x 9 in. Photograph courtesy of the artist.
To tour is to journey for pleasure, and before I set off on the St. Croix Valley Pottery Tour, the pleasure I was most looking forward to was the chance to leave the city and drive north through the St. Croix River Valley...
You may have noticed that I had not even breezed through the studio before committing myself to Craigardan, but it was love at first sight, as I mentioned, and the place proved to be like the creek that flows through the property – lush, crisp, and fully flowing in the summer and, from what I hear, cold, covered, and clear in the winter.