Leanne McClurg Cambric. Selfie, 2016.
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Leanne McClurg Cambric

Leanne Cambric is an assistant professor at Governors State University located in south Chicagoland, where she lives with her husband and two boys, ages 3 and 7. She grew up in Alaska, received her BFA from the University of Minnesota, and her MFA from Louisiana State University. She handbuilds in porcelain with a strong sense of allegorical autobiography.

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Leanne McClurg Cambric and her family. Photograph by Katherine Scherer.
This is a conversation between Kari Radasch, Elizabeth “Beth” Robinson, and me, Leanne McClurg Cambric, who documented it. We [. . .] have had a running fifteen-year dialogue about our struggles to balance our personal and professional lives.
Cambric applies her luster overglaze to her footed bowls. Photo by artist, 2015.
Touch forms the ultimate surface. Pinching a pot is both a way of making and a choice about surface. The pot’s pinched canvas tells a story of exquisite labor.
Songbirds Vase, 2008. Pinched porcelain, 11 x 9 x 9 in.
There is great skill to accepting one's imperfections. Greater still is the ability to capitalize on them enough so they become an asset, or at least an honest definition of what one has to offer. Making pots has been a way for me to accept my humanity and understand my physical body.