Jillian Echlin at an exhibition of artwork by Abbas Akbari, 2017.
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Jillian Echlin

After a BFA in Studio Arts and an MA in Art Education, Jillian Echlin taught and consulted for public schools and community organizations, with particular emphasis on interdisciplinary curriculum development. She is currently pursuing a PhD, tracing the development of the ceramics arts in Iran during the last century. She can be reached via email at jce511@york.ac.uk and is in the process of setting up a website that will serve as an international collaborative research portal for Iranian contemporary ceramics at iranceramicarts.org. 


These turquoise pots represent a changing pottery tradition. The fish motif  is traditional to the area around the village of Shah Reza, but the forms  and color cater to current fashions.
Despite, or even because of, an uptick in political tension and uncertainty in recent months, our pots place upon us a responsibility to be conscious of our world view.