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Isaac Scott, Photographer

All images presented in Danielle Carelock's article, Before I Can Talk About Clay, documenting protests in Philadelphia, were provided courtesy of Isaac Scott. 

Scott is a ceramic artist, curator, and photographer from Madison, Wisconsin, who is currently living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Scott is an MFA candidate at Tyler School of Art and Architecture and plans to graduate in Fall of 2021. His ceramic work has been exhibited around the country including at The Clay Studio in Philadelphia and at the 2019 National Conference for Education in the Ceramic Arts in Minneapolis. Scott's photographs of the 2020 Uprising in Philadelphia were featured in the June 22, 2020 issue of The New Yorker. In August of 2020 Scott completed his first mural alongside collaborators Gerald A. Brown and Roberto Lugo. The Stay Golden mural is located at 33rd and West Diamond St. in Philadelphia. Just as Scott elevates his subjects on the surface of his pottery, his photography pays tribute to the people and places in his environment. His work capturing the 2020 Uprising follows the protesters and organizers in Philadelphia and the movement for Black Lives. He captures the humanity of those involved and the brutality they face in the streets. Scott's goal is to capture the voices and stories of the movement for Black Lives Matter and amplify them past this moment so they can speak to generations to come.


Although 2020 was a challenging year that exhausted us all, 2021 needs to be the year that we move forward to create impactful change. The change that we need – the anti-racist ideals that we should all strive to embody – require deliberate action, attentiveness, courage, discomfort, conflict, and ultimately a release and restructuring of power.