Holly Hanessian, 2017.
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Holly Hanessian

Hanessian is the President of the National Council on Education and the Ceramic Arts (2017-2021) and Professor of Art at Florida State University.  Her research focuses on our senses, social engagement and digital practices.  Her work is published and exhibited internationally, most recently included in the book, The Ceramic Reader

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Holly Hanessian, My Taste Your Bones. 2010. Sculptural book edition, 1 of 4. Porcelain containers and book covers,  laser-engraved acrylic lid, test tubes, nails, hair and fishing line. 9.5 x 7 x 4.5 in.
Consider the state of ceramics today, as our culture settles into the information era. Those of us who work in clay have more options than ever seemed possible.