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Greg Kerstetter

Greg Kerstetter writes, teaches, and plays from his home in Northampton, Massachusetts, one of those quirky places people want to, at once, make fun of and live in. He gets to do both. Kerstetter retired from teaching public elementary school to write children’s books, yet the lure of teaching remains strong. He runs a tutoring business, and plots of operating an in-person creative writing workshop for children once that’s safe. He will write on-demand poems on his Smith-Corona typewriter if you ask him. He publishes many of his poems in the Millyard Poetry Box, a public literary service he offers to his neighbors. He lives with his wife of three decades, Janet Gary, a teacher, career counselor, and artist. They live alone, poking around in their garden when it’s warm and inviting friends over to play the card game pitch when it’s not. On occasion, one of their two grown children will visit. You can read some of Kerstetter’s essays, poems, and short stories at Mr. K's World.


A kiln lies at the center of this story, a brick arch built on a concrete slab next to a needing-to-be-painted red barn.