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Author Profile
Debbie Quick

An artist and educator with a deep-rooted passion for creativity, Debbie Quick has navigated a remarkable journey through the world of art. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) from the renowned Tyler School of Art at Temple University and a Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) from the School of the Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Quick's journey in education spans over two decades, beginning in 1999. Throughout this time, she has had the privilege of teaching students of all ages and backgrounds. From nurturing the artistic talents of K–12 students to leading community studio clay courses for children, teenagers, and adults, she has always been committed to fostering the next generation of artists. Additionally, she has provided private clay lessons and shared her expertise in ceramic courses at the university level.

Quick's contributions to the field of arts and education were honored with the 2016 Distinguished Faculty Service Award from VCUarts, a testament to her dedication and impact within the artistic community.

She has also been fortunate to participate in various artist residencies and fellowships, including two Soaring Gardens Residencies, an Artist in Residency from the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA), a Residency at the Studios at MASS MoCA, a Monson Arts Residency, and a 2021 Fiskars Residency. Additionally, she served as the inaugural 2017–18 faculty research fellow in the Arts Research Institute at VCUarts, furthering her exploration of artistic research.

Quick's creative work has been showcased regionally and internationally, including exhibitions such as Tasmeem as part of the Tasmeem conference in Doha, Qatar. Recently, she had the honor of presenting two solo exhibitions, Remnant Accumulation at Sediment Gallery in Richmond, Virginia, and Errant in the Up Front Gallery at ArtSpace, Raleigh, North Carolina. These exhibitions reflect her artistic vision and the ability to engage and inspire audiences with her work.

Quick is also the owner of the Richmond, Virginia-based community ceramic studio Clay Ground, which was established in 2020.



G.V. Kelley, Moonlit Dreamers (en Rose), Midrange ceramic, 2024, underglaze, glaze, graphite, mixed media, 11.25”x13”x6”
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