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Chuck DeWolfe

Chuck DeWolfe is ceramic artist, potter, and teacher, who has a studio and raises his family in Southern Vermont. Chuck has worked with potters Ruggles and Rankin in North Carolina and Mark Shapiro of Stone Pool Pottery in Massachusetts. Chuck has a BS in Art Therapy from Springfield College and a MFA in Ceramics from The University of Oregon. Over the last twenty years, Chuck has worked and taught in such communities as Penland School of Art and Craft, The Archie Bray Foundation, The Oregon College of Art and Craft, The Brattleboro Museum of Fine Art, and others.


Michael Simon, Black Box. Thrown and altered, cone 10, salt-glazed. Photo by Al Karvey.
At four a.m., the dawn was just starting to crest over the Penland hills. It was dark, and cold for late spring, and I was up doing the sunrise wood kiln shift (my favorite).