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Christopher Bieniek

Christopher Bieniek is a practicing ceramic artist in Bozeman, Montana. He came to Montana from New Hampshire, where he graduated with a BFA in studio arts from Montana State University in Bozeman. He was awarded the bronze pencil for his studies and an award of excellence for his thesis. He then went on to Santa Fe Clay in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he worked and taught workshops for a year before heading to Flagstaff, Arizona. Chris studied with Jason Hess to further his knowledge of wood firing before once again traveling north to Montana. Since his return, Chris has worked side by side with Josh DeWeese to explore local materials and fire Josh's wood kiln. Chris specializes in using local clay for glaze.



Wild Clay, by Matt Levy, Takuro Shibata, and Hitomi Shibata, 2022, page 90-91 featuring local pigments found by K. Jodi Gear.
Throughout Wild Clay, the authors' combined experience gives us a comprehensive look at clay deposits around the globe and how they share similar minerals but vary in important ways from one location to the next. Their geological exploration from Montana to North Carolina and across the globe to Japan perfectly illustrates the saying Hitomi brings from Japan, "Treasure every encounter, for it will never recur."