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Chrisoula Konstantakou

 I am a Canadian-born ceramic artist, currently based in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom. My ceramic practice is situated in the Tudor Lane Studios, a co-operative of established Welsh makers working in ceramics, wood, textiles, and paint. I have a Masters of Research degree from the Royal College of Art and aim to continue onto a PhD degree to explore the potential of laser technology in ceramics once the pandemic health concerns allow. I work with terracotta clay, which I believe is at once ancient and highly technological via the laser. Ancient, because it is rich in history and represents many cultures. Ever since humans began making, they have been using this red earth material. Technological, because it is prone to the flux and shifts of the present technologies in our global, digital society.



I am fascinated with the laser beam as a heat source and how it "fires" the red clay surface, revealing its many true colours without the suffocation of glazes.