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Charlotte Sleeper

Charlotte Sleeper is a North Carolina potter currently finishing up her last year of studies as an anthropology and French major at North Carolina State University. Having explored two-dimensional art in high school, at NCSU she began to explore clay as a medium and fell in love with its tactile nature. She spends most of her free time making pots in her studio, practicing daily to improve her skill and refine her craft. Most of her work is functional, as she likes to create items that are beautiful but serve purpose. After graduating this coming May she hopes to pursue a full-time career as a studio potter.


I found a bat with her handprint on it. It was a bit uncanny – just how perfect it was. I keep it right above my wheel, leaned on a little ledge of brick. She was and will forever be fundamental to my connection to pottery. I know my grandmother would be proud of the potter I am today.