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Carter Gillies

"I remember two early situations that were clear evidence that I probably was NOT meant to be an artist. So just how did I find pottery? How did I manage to end up leading the life of a self-supporting artist? Well, about a year and a half into my coursework for a PhD in Philosophy, I was convinced by some friends that I needed a distraction from my studies. I was pointed in the direction of a non-credit pottery night class one of them was teaching, and as they say, the rest is history.

"I finished my MFA in 1997. After graduation, I eventually moved to supporting myself as an artist. Since the early 2000s I have made a go of it as a full-time potter. I also taught evening classes at the local community arts center, and I discovered that sharing my passion for clay with others was incredibly important to me. I realized that if I had to give up making pots, but was able to continue teaching, I would still have creative fulfillment. That was an interesting revelation…. Making pots is easy. Teaching is difficult. Compared to being a good potter, being a good teacher is more like brain surgery. But I truly loved it and try to continually learn to do it better." 

Carter Gillies. A potter, educator, philosopher, and devoted blogger, Carter maintains a home studio in Athens, Georgia. 


The world is facing a crisis. I don’t know what the situation will be when this gets published, but somehow the issues I raise might get lost in the shuffle. There is a reason bottom-line thinking is so highly regarded: it solves problems.