Ash Kyrie. Photo by Robert Ladislass Derr.
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Ash Kyrie

Ash Kyrie was deployed to Iraq with the Wisconsin National Guard in 2003. Since completing his MFA at Ohio State University, he has used his military experiences as a starting point for his multi-media art, and for discussion in a wide variety of settings. Residing in Wisconsin, Kyrie is the principal organizer of the Dirty Canteen veteran artist collective and currently serves as art co-chair of the National Veteran's Art Museum in Chicago. He can be reached at


Title Page from print edition of Studio Potter, The Dirty Canteen, Winter/Spring, 2018.
My partner, Sarah, and I own ten acres along the Pecatonica river in southwestern Wisconsin, an area known as “Driftless.” The property has become a sanctuary for veterans, mostly family friends, who come as a reprieve from their daily lives.