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Alexandra Engelfriet

Alexandra Engelfriet is an award-winning artist and performer with boundless talent and skill. Her projects, solo exhibitions, and performances are featured internationally in museums, galleries, and private collections. Her earth art and earthworks explore the essence and physicality of being in our place in the world. Engelfriet is also a skilled lecturer, workshop, and masterclass teacher. Her performances and sculptures have inspired authors and filmmakers. She is even more than a sculptor and performance artist. Engelfriet inspires other artists like a symbiotic, powerful, and ethereal muse. The physical and intangible beauty of her dance with earth and clay is primal, rough yet delicate and fluid. Both she and the audience are entranced. It is intimate, transmuting, and transforming of space and earth. Engelfriet seems to be channeling her art through her movement and a metaphor of existence emerges with rhythmic touch and manipulation. Engelfriet’s performances are mesmerizing, freeing, and at times overwhelming and immersive. Like a voyeur, we watch, beguiled, as she creates with gentle forcefulness and intensity. She and we are consumed by the experience together.


Alexandra Engelfriet, "Mixed Blood," photo courtesy of Kathy Irwin.
"In the clay, I surrender to something bigger than myself. I search for a correspondence or even a merging with the material when my body becomes clay and clay a body, and the boundary between inside and outside, body and mind, dissolves." This month's FREE article!