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Robin Hopper

Robin Hopper was an internationally known potter, teacher, author, garden designer and arts activist. He taught internationally, is the author of several articles and books, and his ceramic work is in public, corporate and private collections throughout the world. He was born in England in 1939, and trained there at Croydon College of Art (1956-1961). He has developed studios in both England and Canada, where he lived from 1968 until his death in 2017. 


Jug, America, 19th Century
Pottery making is a discipline that, once thoroughly hooked on, is like an addiction and almost impossible to separate from.
Color / Paint - Vol. 14 No. 2, June 1986
Prepared by Robin Hopper with additions by Roger Ralston.
Photograph by Margaret Boozer.
Oddball materials have a wide range of possibilities. Simple testing and playing with any material is the best way to learn its potential. I used to give my students a hypothetical glaze-making scenario in which they were limited to materials from a grocery store and a creek.