Olgu Sümengen Berker (left), Elif Okur Tolun (right)
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Olgu Sümengen Berker & Elif Okur Tolun

Olgu Sümengen Berker (left) is a Turkish artist and assistant professor at Çankaya University Inter-Curricular Courses Department Fine Arts Unit. Her co-author is Turkish painter Elif Okur Tolun (right), who is also her colleague at Cankaya University as a lecturer.

Berker - olgu@cankaya.edu.trolgusumengenberker.com

Tolun - eotolun@cankaya.edu.trelifokurtolun.com


Olgu Sümengen Berker. ’10.4’ 2015. Colored chammotte clay, fired to 1120 C., 14 x 16 x 11 in. Photo by artist.
As two ceramicists from a similar social and educational backgrounds, Korkmaz and I are creating works that question life from our individual perspectives.