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Studio Potter Seeks a New Executive Director

Apply Now!
May 22, 2023


Executive Director

Flexible work week 30 - 35 hours, remote


$50k or commensurate to experience


Application Deadline:     

July 1, 2023


Start Date:             

August 1, 2023


Founded in 1972, Studio Potter (SP) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and online journal that is centered on ceramic studio practice.  SP promotes the discussion of technology, criticism, aesthetics, and history within the ceramics community.

Studio Potter represents the multiplicity of voices in contemporary and historical ceramics by:

  • publishing exceptional and thought-provoking content;

  • strengthening and growing our community;

  • connecting artists, educators, collectors, curators, gallerists, critics, historians, and learners through narratives, interviews, and critical essays.


Studio Potter (SP) is seeking a dynamic executive director (ED) to serve as the leader and chief administrative officer of the organization. Reporting to the board of directors, Studio Potter’s ED acts as both the day-to-day manager and public face of the organization. The ED is the lead fundraiser and strategist, working with a small staff, a board of directors, and volunteer-led committees to develop and achieve the organization’s short-term and long-term goals as outlined in the strategic plan. The ED must be equal parts administrator, entrepreneurial executive, community organizer, and enthusiastic spokesperson. 

The ED is responsible for overseeing the organization’s finances and is the leader in all development and fundraising planning and implementation. The ED represents Studio Potter in its relationship with the field of ceramics, associations, and other institutions and ensures that all actions and communications comply with policies and procedures set forth by the board. The ED furnishes appropriate support to the board, makes recommendations to the president and board as appropriate, and maintains confidentiality regarding all related matters. 



Finance Management

  • Oversee finance accounts and work closely with staff and the bookkeeper to ensure the accuracy of payments received and ongoing organizational finance.

  • Work with the finance committee and staff to prepare an annual budget prior to the start of the new fiscal year.

  • Prepare quarterly reports for board and staff review, and oversee budget vs. actual results. Discuss appropriate actions as needed.

  • Ensure the preparation of operating plans and the allocation of funds:

    • monitors revenues and cash flow;
    • responsible for the authorization of all payment requests or delegations thereof;
    • works with the treasurer, bookkeeper, and auditor to ensure accountability and control;
    • keeps the treasurer informed of any changes deemed necessary in financial status and/or bookkeeping procedures.

Development and Fundraising

  • Work with committees to develop and maintain unearned revenues in the form of grants, memberships, underwriting, and individual donations.

  • Identify and cultivate new revenue sources, such as grants, corporate sponsors/underwriters, individual donors, and institutional membership.

  • Work closely with board development committees to: oversee the annual appeal; develop new and additional ways to fund existing and new programs/activities; and explore ways to raise funds through special events, solicitations, and planned-giving appeals.

Program & Journal Oversight

  • Establish a budget and artistic goals for each program and monitor progress towards these goals.

  • Communicate SP’s direction throughout the organization, both to staff and to the greater community.

  • Analyze all programming, working closely with committees and staff to evaluate outcomes and identify areas for improvement.

  • Evaluate new initiatives to determine their mission-worthiness and validity financially, strategically, and aesthetically.

 Operational Management

  • Ensure that day-to-day operations are effective, efficient, and up to date, including the website which houses SP’s online publication.

  • Handle all aspects of human resource management, e.g., be responsible for ensuring staff and volunteers function effectively and identify the need for change and improvement.

  • The ED is responsible for the development and training of all paid staff, including performance evaluation per job descriptions.

Public Relations

  • Be active and visible in the national clay community, serving as a spokesperson for SP and engaging with other organizations to increase awareness, participation, and collaboration.

  • Work with the board to ensure growth and enthusiasm among patrons, writers, readers, artists, and volunteers.

  • Establish, with the board committees, annual marketing goals for all programs and activities; monitor progress toward these goals and work closely with the communications team to plan strategic marketing to reach target audiences.

  • Work with the editor and communications team to manage social media presence, keep the website up to date, and increase engagement on digital platforms.


  • College graduate with at least three years’ management experience, preferably in a non-profit arts organization or related area; 

  • prior experience as a director or in a development capacity preferred;

  • knowledge and experience in fundraising strategies and donor relations. Experience with capital campaigns is a plus;

  • established and provable financial management skills, including budget preparation, analysis, decision-making, grant writing, and reporting;

  • strong organizational abilities, including planning, delegating, program development, and task facilitation;

  • ability to work collaboratively and positively convey strategic vision, with the ability to collaborate with and motivate board members and other volunteers;

  • innovative and entrepreneurial thinker; 

  • experience developing and implementing public/private partnerships;

  • strong public speaking, public relations, written, and interpersonal communication skills;

  • knowledge of the national and international ceramic community is a plus.


$50k or commensurate to experience


Start Date:       

August 1, 2023


To Apply:       

Email your resume, cover letter, and three references to 


Application Deadline:

July 1, 2023

Studio Potter is an equal opportunity employer that welcomes applicants from across the social, ethnic, religious, and gender identity spectrum.


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