December Pots for Membership

Dec 4, 2018

Why not do some of your holiday shopping at Studio Potter this year? In celebration of the season, we're pleased to present five Pots for Membership artists this month! Each artist has a pot for sale in our online shop. Support these talented artists and your favorite non-profit (wink, wink) by purchasing a pot; the artist will receive a free one-year subscription to Studio Potter journal.  Want to ship your purchase as a gift? Let Jess know by e-mailing her at immediately after your purchase. Read on below to get to know our December 2018 artists. 

Punch ChanakarnChanakarn "Punch" Semachai

Chanakarn Semachai was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. Punch earned her Bachelor in Art Degree in 2012 from Chulalongkorn University located in the heart of Bangkok City. She is currently an MFA candidate at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.
Before graduate school, Punch was a ceramic design lecturer in the School of Fine and Applied Arts at Chulalongkorn University, which encouraged her to pursue her masters degree and return to teach and develop the ceramics program. She had focused her work mainly in sculpture and shown internationally, but has recently begun exploring functional wares. 
Punch States, "My role as an explorer was initiated when I was a child and my doodles were treated as treasures. I have been immersed in an entirely new culture since my recent move to the United States. Living in a totally unfamiliar world, with lasting impressions, has affected my work. In the beginning, I found that I was slowly and unconsciously changing into a new person and trying hard to blend into a new society and culture. After a period of time, I shifted back to myself, although a new, better version of myself. I aim to create sculpture and functional ware that encourages people to be unique, special and themselves."
Purchase Punch's work in our online shop and visit her website.

Janimarie Lester DeRose

Janimarie Lester DeRose is a ceramic artist living in Logan, Utah, a quiet university town, nestled in the Rocky Mountains.

She states, “My studio, Salty Peach Pottery, is the place where I tune all excess out and fully center in the making process. Creating art is a practice that connects artist to land and self. My work references the natural world; the curve of my brush line echos the heavy drape of a berry laden branch, or the curved belly of the bowl cupping the enclosed space like a birds’ nest. My intention is to bring a daily interaction of simplicity, and beauty around the most joyous place in the home, the kitchen table.”

Purchase Janimarie's work in our online shop and visit her website.

Brianna Shimer

Brianna Shimer is based in Edinboro, Pennsylvania, where she is Studio Technician for the Ceramics Department at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. Born and raised in Stewartsville, New Jersey, Brianna earned a Bachelors of Fine Arts from New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University in New York. Prior to moving to Edinboro, Brianna worked at MT Burton Gallery, Surf City, NJ as a Resident/Teaching Artist.

As a studio potter, Brianna creates functional ceramics from a practice of repetition. She creates simple forms on the wheel then alters them by pushing the interior and exteriors to create organic profiles reminiscent of floral shapes. Brianna states, “the surfaces I create allude to the idea of landscape and nature at a distance, I use floral elements and lines to relate to the exploration of nature at a closer perspective.”

Purchase's Brianna's work in our online shop and visit her website.

Sarah Heitmeyer

Sarah Heitmeyer is a ceramic artist whose tile and pottery forms are built out of patterns and create a calming, beautiful moment for viewers. Sarah received her MFA at the State University of New York at New Paltz and BFA from Alfred University. She has worked for KleinReid, Kala Stein Design, ModCraft Tile and the Hudson Valley Advanced Manufacturing Center. She exhibits nationally, teaches locally, and works in her studio in Fishkill, New York.
Purchase Sarah's work in our online shop and visit her website.

Nick Sevigney

Nick Sevigney lives in New Hampshire with his family, where he is an Associate Professor of Art at Plymouth State University. He's taught in higher education since 1996, after graduating from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale with his MFA degree. 

Nick states, "Growing up in Wells, Maine, created my earliest interests in the ocean. The ocean is vast, timeless, and ages everything from steel to stone. My family lived a short walk from the Atlantic and I could see it from my bedroom window. 

Forms and textures from the ocean, the anatomy of specific species of insects and flowers, science fiction movies, the trompe l’oeil aspect of Yixing tea ware, discarded coffee cup lids, exhaust vents and distressed and dilapidated metal, are textures breaking through the surfaces of my work. These loaded images speak of the daily wear on manmade “disposable” products that remain in the environment for centuries. Like an ancient broken or damaged relic, I want to encourage the viewer to explore and question the potential function of each piece, and to evoke a sense of timelessness, leaving the viewer wondering if it is from the future or of the past."

Purchase Nick's work in our online shop and visit his website.


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