Community: 2017 MA Pottery Tours

By Joshua Speers
Feb 17, 2017

AVPT 2017H6 2017Though it isn’t very warm outside in Massachusetts, we have started to feel a hint of spring thanks to two local pottery tour announcements. Just this week the Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail and the Hilltown 6 Pottery Tour officially announced their 2017 tour dates and released their rosters of guest artists that will be featured at the regular studio stops. Collectively, these tours showcase over twenty Massachusetts based potters, and the weekend-long sales draw crowds from all over New England. 

Both tours have been longstanding staples of the local arts community and this year marks the thirteenth consecutive year for the Asparagus Valley Trail and the eleventh for the Hilltown Six. Aside from their tangible contributions to the community, there is a buzz in the air (soda ash?) as everyone is loading and firing and fervently unloading their kilns in the weeks leading up to the tours. Needless to say, these are two weekends to get excited about.

Where can we find Elenor’s work? Great question! Elenor will be a guest again at Robbie Heidinger’s studio. 

Where can we find Josh? Another good question. You can find me lurking in the background of this video from the Hilltown Six website!

For more information please visit the websites for The Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail and the Hilltown Six Pottery Tour.

Web Editor's Note: Wondering where you should eat? Check out this post from last year on the best local spots. 

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