Author Chat with Erin L. Shafkind, Paul S. Briggs, and Courtney M. Leonard

Sep 30, 2020


Our final Studio Potter Author Chat for September was with Erin L. Shafkind, Courtney M. Leonard, and Paul S. Briggs. We zoomed in to talk in depth about topics surrounding the content of Shafkind's article, "Reclaiming the Potter." Enjoy this thoughtful, open, flowing, and in depth consideration of identity, objects, and education.

The space during our conversation was held with gentle severity and love as the current climate was considered through the lens of two artist’s life experience. As Briggs said in closing, “I think we’ve modeled here tonight HOW you have these conversations – some of it you laugh about or else you’re gonna cry. It’s all about learning. Some things I’m going to talk about fluently, and some things [I’m not], but we’re going to learn as we talk more about how to be in this world together. We have to enter [into it] with a lot of openness.”


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