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Announcing the August Archive Dig! Clues and Instructions

By SP Staff
Aug 1, 2022
This August, we're inviting YOU to dig through Studio Potter's Archives for a chance to win exciting prizes, including books from the Ceramic Arts Library! All SP members can use their memberships for a chance to win.
We're releasing TEN clues, two for each decade Studio Potter has been around. Answer FIVE of the ten (including a BONUS answer to get you started!) clues successfully, and you'll be entered to win. We're also accepting personal stories relating to each clue as a second entry to increase your chances. When you solve the clues, send your answers in to this Google Form. 


  1. If you're intersted in participating and aren't already a member, become one for the month of August, $5 for a chance to Archive Dig and win!

  2. Read the clues (listed below) 

  3. The first part of the clue refers to cover art, the second part of clue refers to article title in that issue. 

 Example Clue: Our first mark; how we found our way. 

Highlighted in green refers to the cover image, highlighted in purplerefers to the article title. 















Example Freebie Answer to get you started: Vol. 1. No. 1 Fall 1972: Finding One’s Way With Clay  by Paulus Berensohn

  1. Answer 4 more of the 10 clues successfully, and submit your answers to the Google Form linked here.

  2. If at least 5 of your 10 answers are correct, you'll automatically be entered to win!


  • This contest runs Monday, August 1st, 2022 through Wednesay, August 31st, 2022.
  • You must live in the USA, Canada, or Europe.
  • If you share a personal story relating to any of the articles, you'll receive an additional entry! 
  • Winners will be announced publicly on our social media accounts. 
  • If you decide to share a story for an additional entry, it is with the understanding that we might post some or all of that story on our social media.
  • Submit final answers only through this Google Form.


1. Clue 1: Tea Time in Blue; the story and history of these makers from the past to present.

(see image: Chamá-style cylinder vase, Maya, Late Classic period, A.D. 700–800; Place of Manufacture: Guatemala, Chamá region, Southern Highland)
2. Sometimes you need to cast a wide colorful net to catch art and craft in order to reconcile their differences.
3.  Sunflowers that bloom in the winter are a reminder to look to the earth to help build brick by brick the future.
4. Our doors are open throwing pink vibes to you; let's talk about 3D printing traditional homes.
5.  A celebration of women; looking at power based relationships.
6. We set the table with dynamic glaze and color, inspired by our travels south for the summer.
7. Mentors, just like the tide, come and go but always leave their mark.
8. Do you ever hum to Tina Turner What’s Love Got to Do With It while looking at Betty Woodman?  We talked it over and recommend you do.
9. We went to the beach to converse beneath the surface.
10. (Freebie clue listed above in the instructions!)


  • There are two clues per Studio Potter decade (including the Freebie answer listed above!).
  • All correct articles will have the symbol below hidden in the article somewhere.




Prizes you can win include:

  • A signed copy of "When Cups Speak" by Irv Tepper and "20th Century Italian Ceramics" from the Hockmeyer Collection, both generously donated by the Ceramic Arts Library. 

Above: Hayne Bayless. Five-sided chalice, 6 1/2 inches tall, hand-built stoneware, food-safe, dishwasher safe. Retail value is $100.00 and a bottle of champagne goes with it. 

Above: Robbie Lobell. Square Baker, pictured in use.

Above: Peter Jadoonath. Butterdish, 6.5 x 5.5 inches, Earthenware, Underglaze and glaze, Cone 2 Electric fired.


To select winners, we will be randomly drawing emails from those who submit answers to the Google Form. Winners will receive an email detailing their prize.


Questions? Email Lily at

Thank you very much to Lynne Wagner of the Ceramic Arts Library, Hayne Bayless, Robbie Lobell, and Peter Jadoonath for their thoughtful contributions to this contest. Good luck, and happy digging!

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