2020 Grants for Apprenticeships

Dec 4, 2020

Congratulations to the recipients of our 2020 Grants for Apprenticeships.

Each team of mentor and apprentice will receive $10,000 to support their one-year apprenticeship.

Established in 2019 and funded by an anonymous donor, Studio Potter’s Grants for Apprenticeships Program supports emerging artists who want to become full-time studio potters and mentor-potters who wish to take on apprentices. This grant program honors the mission of Studio Potter and the legacy of its founder, Gerry Williams, by fostering individual careers in studio pottery, contributing to the life and future of ceramics, ensuring the continuity of a centuries-old tradition in non-academic education.

Chris Baskin and apprentice Dwayne Sackey

Portland, Oregon

Visit Chris' website, and follow him on Instagram @chrisbaskinpottery

Visit Dwayne's website, and follow Dwayne on Instagram @dwaynespots.

Rachael DePauw and apprentice Andrea Garcia

New Orleans, Louisiana

Visit Rachael's Etsy shop, and follow her on Instagram @depauwpottery

Follow Andrea on Instagram @andrea.garcia.ceramics

Nathan Willever and apprentice Austin Jefferson

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Visit Nathan's website, and follow him on instagram @natewillever

VIsit Austin's website, follow him on instagram @slawstin

Kate Waltman and apprentice Margaret Larson

Seagrove, North Carolina

Visit Kate's website, and follow her instagram @kayetwaltman

Visit Margaret's website, and follow her on instagram @margaretlarsonpottery

Tara Wilson and apprentice Michaela Bromberek

Montana City, Montana

Visit Tara's website, and follow her on Instagram @teadubpottery.com

Visit Michaela's website, and follow her on Instagram @michaelabromberek 


Applications for the Grants for Apprenticeships program are accepted annually. Visit our Grants for Apprenticeships page for more information about the grants for apprenticeships program. 

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