Léopold L. Foulem, 2017.
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Léopold Foulem

Montréal ceramist Léopold L. Foulem's distinguished career spans more than 40 years, with over 54 solo exhibitions and more than 230 group shows on five continents. His ceramics were exhibited in 49 museums, and are part of numerous private and public collections. Foulem has lectured extensively on the subject of ceramics as an autonomous art form. He is also a world authority on the ceramics of Pablo Picasso.

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The Studio Potter Vol.43 No.2, p. 18. Design by Zoe Pappenheimer.
What is so remarkable about Picasso the potter is his understanding and bold utilization of ceramics per se. For him, the medium was more than just another creative adventure. He was acutely aware that he was entering a distinct artistic space and specificity.