Indigenous - Vol. 41 No. 2, Summer 2013
A table of contents with a short summary of each article for Vol. 41, No. 2.
Rose B. Simpson. Intellectual Conversation, 2009. Ceramic, metal chain  and hardware. Installation, 4.5 x 3 x 15 ft. Photograph by Robert McGinnis.
Oh, so your family does clay, huh? For how long? Oh ... you know, about fifteen hundred years. Give or take.
St. Barbara plate, 2013. Earthenware, 14 in. Photograph by Lydia Clark.
Within African and African-Pan-American religious-cultural systems, special pots are understood to literally house divinity and are receptacles for detailed and painstaking spiritual offerings. It has been the greatest challenge and most humbling experience of my artistic career to participate in the making of these pots.
Ben making a large bowl for an installation, 2008. 16x48x48 in. Photograph by Jerry Wolford
For sixth-generation potter Ben Owen III, training on the potter's wheel started at a young age. He would spend time after school and on weekends with his grandfather, who always stressed the need for good form, weight , and balance.