What are funky tools? Well, you won't find them in a supply catalog. They won't be all-purpose. Probably they will do only one specific job. Funky tools are the kind that become so indispensable that work can't go on until they are found. They are made from wires, tubing, branches, nails, broom handles, pebbles, spoons, and pizza rollers. The need for a funky took usually comes from the frustration of wasting time doing a repetitive job that could be done in no time if you only had the right tool. Production stops! The prototype is patched together in five minutes and used for months until it wears out. The refinements come when the replacement is made. The walnut handle instead of pine. The carefully coiled wire instead of string. Here are some tools found in my studio, and some from Ron Burke's and Dan and Maryanne Gehan's. Rip'em off!

Figure #1 - Mike Cohen's Holemaker #1 For Pots

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