The first brick laid for any wood kiln signifies a particular conviction: a commitment to an ongoing labor-intensive process ultimately tied to a vision for personal work.
There is a sort of family of potters who apprenticed to Michael Cardew, some at Winchcombe, many in Nigeria, and others at Wenford Bridge in Cornwall, England. Their pots seem related, too. Like any family, there are branches that grow close together, shoots that take off in other directions, and even relatives who don't talk to each other.
The Supermud wood fired kiln at Walton, New York, in the foothills of the Catskills started out with my need and desire to have access to a tool that would enable me to make the kind of pots I love. Then it became a building project that I was eager to try and that my boss agreed to finance.
Coiling Bottle For the Blindman in "Demetrius and the Gladiators''. Fox Studios, 7953. Opposite: Bottle, Otto Heino, 7956.
Well, the bottom line is that we really just like to make pots. Whatever else, we believe in the purity of form.