A Synopsis

Feb 24, 2020

This month we have gathered six stories which shine a light on the variety of ways we bring experiences and concerns beyond the ceramic studio into our studio practice. In the case of Ellen Bell’s review of TANIO/IGNITE four emergent ceramic artists were invited to look back in time via Aberystwyth University’s archive. Just as they step into the first years of their professional practice, they pause to look back and respond with future eyes. We join Diana Kersey on the next steps in her journey as Teresa Eckmann, PhD, narrates a storyline of discipline, found on the basketball court, applied to a successful public art practice. The depth Kersey applies to ensure her work is of the community it is created for may inspire your own research. Robert Harrison provides examples of artists who look to sustainability as their muse, while offering a grave reminder and options of how we might fulfill our obligation to being good environmental stewards. Sarah Kelly reminds us that few paths of a studio potter are a straight line in her interview with Penland Resident Artist Jason Hartsoe. He has traveled far to find himself very close to home with his life’s purpose in hand. Michael Medeiros rounds our month out with the inspiration of research motivating the pursuit of a project which marries the function of clay and the written word. Finally, Jack Troy reviews Janet Koplos's new book, chock full of answers to the question her title poses, "What Makes A Potter: Functional Pottery in America Today." Troy gives us thorough insight on this compilation of voices from the field. May you find what you need this month to motivate you in the next step forward on your ceramic journey. May the stories herein illuminate the external inspiration you have access to in your life.

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Mar 23, 2020

Studio Potter planned to announce at NCECA that our March 2020 stories would be available to everyone, regardless of membership status. Despite the cancellation, we are sticking to plan. We proudly present to you, free of charge, eight stories this month. Our gift to you. 

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Mar 13, 2020

Dear Educators,

We'd like to offer some suggestions for how to use Studio Potter as an educational resource. 

To use Studio Potter's archive of ceramic articles as a resource, click the search option on our site. That... Read More

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Mar 12, 2020

In light of the reality that many of our colleagues are scrambling to create online learning for their ceramics students, Studio Potter is offering a three-month free membership to educators. Our archive of over 8,000 pages of content will be accessable, and it is an excellent resource for... Read More

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