SPONSORED: 9-Day Firing Workshop at Snow Farm

Jun 16, 2022
Join Doug Peltzman at Snow Farm: The New England Program for a 9-day firing workshop in August. In this extended timeframe, the class will fire multiple times, each time examining, analyzing, and learning from the results. Doug will share his extensive knowledge and lead reflective conversations about pottery and a potter's life.  The gorgeous summer landscape at Snow Farm, homemade meals, and simple accommodations round out the craft school experience. Register now for this rare opportunity to work intensively with Doug; he only teaches several times a year and this is the last class in 2022. 

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Sep 5, 2022

In the June 2022 issue of Studio Potter, Cathy Lu wrote, "Blue and White Fragility." In the July 2022 issue, Peter Pincus wrote, "How Removing Distance Can Bring Us Closer to Answering an Age-Old Question." Both articles address issues of cultural appropriation, origins, and facilitating... Read More

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Sep 1, 2022

This morning the air had that snap. “Oh, here we go,” I happily thought while letting the dogs out to run a bit. Of course, it was almost ninety by midday, but Fall is on the way. Musing about the colors that will follow the sun’s warming departure, sipping on the first cup o’ joe, wondering how... Read More

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Aug 1, 2022
This August, we're inviting YOU to dig through Studio Potter's Archives for a chance to win exciting prizes, including books from the Ceramic Arts Library! All SP members can use their memberships for a chance to win.   We're releasing TEN clues, two for each decade Studio Potter has been around.... Read More
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