Print, Ship, Read

by Elenor Wilson
Jul 20, 2016

Studio Potter Journal, Vol. 44, No. 2, Function/Architecture, Contents Page

We (myself, designer Zoe Pappenheimer, and our proofreaders) have been working our tails off putting the final touches on the upcoming print issue.  We are excited to send the files off to the printer today, which means that barring any hurricanes on the East Coast, you'll be reading (devouring?) your new copy of Studio Potter in just a few short weeks. In the meantime, we'll be updating the website with the new issue articles and author profiles, as well as some exclusive web-only content.  If you don't receive your issue in the mail by August 31 (allow extra time for Canada and International mailings) please contact Josh

In this issue, nineteen authors explore function and architecture through myriad lenses.  Here's the lineup:

08 | Order and Entropy by Cary Esser
46 | Architectural Ceramics by Susan Tunick
65 | Let’s Talk About Building(s)...Architectonically Speaking by Jonathan Kaplan

14 | Harry Holl by Steven Kemp
20 | Remembering John Stephenson by Georgette Zirbes, Paul Kotula, Susan Crowell, Marie Woo, and Debbie Thompson
25 | Shelter: Ceramics and Architecture by Paul Mathieu

37 | Rebuilding the Salt Kiln at Tolne Gjæstgivergaard by Gregory Hamilton Miller
40 | Fuel Control in a Wood-Fired Kiln by David Potter and John Steele
42 | The Portland Brick Project by Ayumi Horie
69 | The Sensual Arts by Julie Wilson

49 | The Red Clay Rambler (Ben Carter) interviews Nina Hole, Jacques Kaufmann, and Mark Pharis

Word from the Editor by Elenor Wilson, Letters from Readers, and Supporters of SP

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