New Book from Bloomsbury Press

by Elenor Wilson
Mar 2, 2016

Cover, New Directions in Ceramics by Jo DahnSP just received a copy of “new directions in ceramics - from spectacle to trace,” by Jo Dahn from Bloomsbury Press. A quick flip through tells me pots in this book are limited to how their forms or historical reference contribute to an overall artistic message (e.g. Edmund deWaal, Clare Twomey), and its chapter titles are: performance, installation, raw clay, and figuration. 

Major questions the book addresses are: What non-traditional activities does the term “ceramics” now encompass? How have these practices developed and how have they been accommodated by institutions in Britain and internationally. 

This one should be an intellectually stimulating read. I welcome your review if you’ve had a chance to read it. Please send to

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