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Nov 1, 2022

When I set out to curate this month's issue, I envisioned a collection of articles that would create a digital ofrenda. An altar of sorts, designed to honor, remember, and commemorate the season as well as people. I suspected nothing as articles were submitted, but I quickly realized each author in this month's issue spontaneously focused on a singular theme beyond my making.

The power of a cup, of a gift, of ceramics to transport us.

Ceramics is more like a portal than an ordinary object, and the five ceramic artists featured in the November issue all intuitively keyed into the transportive qualities of clay. Each contributor – from different walks of life and different regions: Israel/New York, Texas, Barcelona, New Jersey, and Georgia – grants us articles that explore the magnetic pull of ceramics.

Our human experience is rich and varied, but in a lifetime, it is easy to forget the quiet yet powerful moments of everyday life. I welcome you to read these articles that exist somewhere between mental and physical reality, between the mundane and dreamlike – inseparable from either and dependent on both.

Randi O'Brien, editor



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Oct 1, 2022


In September, Studio Potter celebrated its 50th anniversary. As we embark into the next half-century, I see this as a fifty-year mission to be a publication of wisdom – a mission where Studio Potter specializes in purposeful and artistic philosophy. This fifty-year history buzzes within... Read More

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Sep 5, 2022

In the June 2022 issue of Studio Potter, Cathy Lu wrote, "Blue and White Fragility." In the July 2022 issue, Peter Pincus wrote, "How Removing Distance Can Bring Us Closer to Answering an Age-Old Question." Both articles address issues of cultural appropriation, origins, and facilitating... Read More

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Sep 1, 2022

This morning the air had that snap. “Oh, here we go,” I happily thought while letting the dogs out to run a bit. Of course, it was almost ninety by midday, but Fall is on the way. Musing about the colors that will follow the sun’s warming departure, sipping on the first cup o’ joe, wondering how... Read More

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