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Editorial: Spark+Time; Iteration by Sean O'Connell; Building a Legacy by Reena Kashyap; Open Door Policy by Martina Lantin; Source Material by Jonathan Kaplan; The Power of Observation by Susan Crowell; Reflections on Legacy by James Watkins; Generations in Faenza by Patricia Hubbard-Ragette; A Generational Undertaking by Sophia King; Catch and Release by Steven Heinemann; download pdf Making Bad Work by Jocelyn Howard; Throwing Off-Center with Mr. Strawn by Carol Kliger; Towards an Aesthetics of Digital Clay by Del Harrow and Andy Brayman; Finding a Place by Stacy Snyder; Worth More than a Glance by Sue Grier; Thinking about Contemporary Pots by Sequoia Miller; Field Report by Sunshine Cobb; Erik Gronborg: Pop Goes Materiality by Garth Johnson; The Beginner by Daniel Harris; Remembering Angela Fina by Mary Barringe; Val Cushing: Teacher and PotterReprint from Vol.31 No.2.

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